No one cares about your concert Snap Chats

Jimmy Pyles

Have you ever tried to enjoy a concert, but all you see is the glowing screen of everyone’s phone in front of you?

Yeah, it pisses me off, too.

Your pictures are crap. Your videos are crap. And no one wants to see that crap.

I use my phone just as much as the next person, but I know when to have it out and when to put it away.

For most concertgoers, it’s common to snap some pictures. But when you interfere with someone else’s view or experience, it’s time to put it down.

Because of smartphones, going to concerts has become more about letting people know how much fun someone is having by spending their whole time instagramming or tweeting. Concertgoers are missing out on why they’re even there in the first place – to be with friends and enjoy the music.

Unless you are in the front row, your pictures are going to be horrible anyway. Your out-of-focus pictures of Katy Perry aren’t impressing anyone. Instead, you wasted $75 trying to capture the whole show just to be sure you got the best pictures.

I find it hard to believe you’re having a great time at a concert when you have sent everyone in your contacts list 60 seconds worth of Snap Chats of shaky, unwatchable video.

I’m fine with snapping a few photos here and there. Hell, take the pictures between songs. No one will know the difference. At least wait for the show to end before you bury your face into your phone. If your friends cared that much about the show, they should have went.

I understand it’s a moment you want to capture and remember for the rest of your life, but enjoying your favorite song(s) live isn’t the same with your phone in the air.

Turn the phone off and put it away. Live in the real world, enjoy live music and being immersed in the atmosphere.