PAC court undergoes makeover

Bradie Gray

The Physical Activities Center underwent a makeover earlier this month.

The PAC floor now has a new look to match the rest of the campus’s updated assets. Work on the new floor began July 24. It was the first time the floor had been sanded since it was installed in 2006.

The new USI logo does not cover the entire floor like logos can be seen at other universities. The new logo sits proportionately in the middle of the court, covering only the half court line.

The new floor replaced the “Screaming Eagles” text in the center of the old court with USI’s new logo that was unveiled last spring. The worn red sidelines, end lines and foul lines were replaced with a dark blue.

“The floor was designed in house,” said Kindra Strupp, Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications. “A fair number of staff and coaches had a lot of say in it as long as they followed the GLVC requirements.”

The gym is open again to athletes. USI’s volleyball team will be the first to play on the new floor.

“It is nice and definitely reflects our campus in a positive way.” Strupp said. “You can just tell how new and of good quality it is by looking at it”

As far as the cost of the replacement goes, Vice President for Finance and Administration Mark Rozewski said it was not typically expensive. It was more of a routine rather than special expense.

“The reason we updated the floor is because it needs to be replaced every few years for the safety of the athletes,” Rozewski said. “We added the logo to the PAC first because it is seen by more people throughout the year.”

Another item on campus that gets a lot of exposure is the water tower. While the university hoped it would be updated like the PAC floor, it will have to stay as is for the time being.

“We have to do this as funds will allow,” Strupp said, “The water tower is painted as needed and it is still relatively new. The cost to repaint it now would simply be too much.”

The university will continue to update small assets such as stationary to match the new logo, but nothing bigger is in the works at the moment.