17 student government reps reapply for positions

James Vaughn

CORRECTION: SGA’s Election Committee is sponsoring the Activity Programming Board’s showing of Delivery Man tonight in Forum 1 to encourage students to vote.

Student Government Association ballots open Monday, but students who vote won’t have a lot of decision making to do – there are no contested positions.

“I am disappointed,” said Adam Brothers, chief justice. “But I’m happy that we doubled the amount of people running…We have 21 people running in the election, and I’m stoked about that.”

That’s up from 10 candidates last year.

“The election will give us a full Exec. Board,” Brothers said. “It looks like the Exec. Board will have experience.”

President Zack Mathis and Attorney General Ryan Hadley are rerunning for their positions.

Students may have seen Mathis’s campaign cover of Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience album.

“It seemed to mirror the work I’ve done and hope to do,” Mathis said. “I’ll have 20/20 hindsight on my previous term, which isn’t something previous SGA presidents have had.”

This year, SGA helped raise school spirit, solve issues in student housing and build relations across the state at the campus-to-campus and legislative level, he said. They also sponsored the travel and events of student groups and individuals

“We also had the honor of having Mayor Winnecke speak at one of our meetings,” Mathis said. “As well as having Attorney General Zoeller and Senator Merritt travel to USI to help students better understand the expansion of the Lifeline Law.”

Some of Mathis’s goals for next year include implementing a campus-wide texting service, exploring options to expand and improve campus housing community space and promoting civic engagement by adding voter registration to class registration.

He said he also hopes to reverse legislature that denies the equity of in-state tuition to undocumented students who meet certain criteria.

Students will receive a ballot at 8 a.m. Monday morning via email.

Brothers said he hopes to double the amount of voters SGA had last year.

“Essentially, yes, it would be very hard to lose,” he said. “But SGA members are representatives of the student body and are therefore elected by the student body.”

SGA’s Election Committee is sponsoring the Activity Programming Board’s showing of The Butler tonight in Forum 1 to encourage students to vote.