Celebrate Valentine’s Day with everyone you love

Brenna Wu

That special day where you show affection towards someone you care about is approaching.

That person may be close to you, as in a family member, or it could be a significant other.

Valentine’s Day is full of romance and love, but as society continues towards the future, Valentine’s Day gets marketed more and more to appeal to people’s love.

Think about it, when you go into Walmart or Priceless Foods, one of the first things you see is candy and hearts galore. What ever happened to writing people valentines as we did in grade school?

I desperately miss those days where everyone received a valentine and no one felt left out or alone. Society is now starting to market that Valentine’s Day is approaching, even though it is just the beginning of February.

People with significant others and special relationships in their lives are very lucky, but is it honestly worth spending money and trying to build up a relationship for only one day?

My mother used to spend money to get my brother and myself something for Valentine’s Day, but eventually it just wasn’t worth it to show us for one day that she truly cared for us.

I propose a differing view towards Valentine’s Day. Yes, spend time with that significant other in your life, but do not forget about the other people who have shaped you into the person you are today.

Their love and support should also have meaning. Maybe you remember to call your grandmother that morning and wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day or you just spend time hanging around some friends.

I honestly believe  Valentine’s Day should include the love you share  for everyone and not just that one special person in your life. Spread love and joy to all those whom you cherish.