Grammys, a deserving popularity contest

Jake Tapley

If you didn’t get to see the Grammys on Sunday, you missed out. And if you did, you might have also missed out.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Grammys is a music awards show that is usually followed with pretentious internet bickering.

It is truly disheartening that we can’t give trophies to every eligible musician, or at least to all the nominees. But this is the unfortunate design of an awards show.

So if the person you want to win doesn’t win, just remember that it’s a popularity contest. It’s never a surprise who wins.

With that being said, I don’t approve of the notion that the winners are in some way undeserving. Given the award, they are literally always deserving.

Their music was popular. Their music had commercial success. That’s the point.

Now, do I personally like the music of everyone that won this year? No, of course not.

But at least I can understand why they won and reconcile with these results.

I think what might be most annoying is when people talk down talented musicians who have been doing some pretty great things for the industry just because they don’t care for their style of music.

For instance, I saw some Facebook statuses that said, “Why I don’t watch the Grammys… Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: 4, Led Zeppelin: 0, Jimi Hendrix: 0, Bob Marley: 0, The Who: 0.” What kind of attitude is that?

I mean, I like Zeppelin. I like The Who. They are both great bands that are deserving of public recognition.

But haven’t they received a substantial amount of recognition as it is? Both bands are considered a couple of the greatest rock and roll acts of all time.

I think it’s time we move on and learn to enjoy a good thing.

Macklemore has helped pave the way for both hip hop music and independent artists, as well as produced a beautiful anthem for equal rights with “Same Love.”

To say that he is not deserving is severely discrediting what he has been able to do in such a short amount of time.

There will always be musicians who receive less attention than others. So why do we have to be so persistent on griping about the ones who do well?