Twitter account more offensive than funny

Jessie Hellmann

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So, I got a little offended this weekend while scrolling down my Twitter feed. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Something offensive on the Internet? What?” But really. There’s an account on Twitter that I’ve noticed a large amount of my Twitter followers have began retweeting: @collegefession.

The purpose of the account is to basically get college students to anonymously submit crazy, wild things they’ve done in the past weekend or during some other time while at college.

Most of it is sickening and encourages a chauvinist attitude. It also encourages females to seek approval from the male population.

Most tweets revolve around an anonymous user who’s submitted something along the lines of “I had sex with my girlfriend this weekend, and when she went to take a shower, I had sex with her roommate.”

Tweets will brag about tricking women to have sex with them at parties and then never speaking to them again, or bragging about how someone managed to get a girl so intoxicated that she jumped right into bed with him.

Another dimension to the disgusting account is that women actually send revealing pictures of themselves with the name of their school written across the top.

For those who think accounts like this are “all in good fun” I encourage you to look at the down side.

I’m pretty confident that at least 90 percent of these “confessions” are hyperboles, or in some cases, not true at all. ┬áNot only do they give bad reputations to the school’s name they attach at the end, they encourage men to treat women as sex objects and dehumanize them. For example, using “bitch” as a synonym for “woman.”

This is just one more example of how anonymous confession pages, like the USI Confessions page that we experienced earlier in the year, does more harm than good. This is USI Confessions, nationwide, basically.

I encourage people to stop retweeting these tweet confessions, which are only funny about .5 percent of the time.

There’s a difference between having fun in college and treating human beings like they aren’t human at all.