“Devil’s Due”

USI Shield Staff

Bringing nothing new to the found footage horror spectrum, “Devil’s Due” is a drawn out horror flick that you should avoid. Producer John Davis should be bent over and spanked for thinking that “Rosemary’s Baby” needed a makeover. It’s not just because the story is a clone, but also because he condemns a genre of horror movies that has more potential. Devil’s moviegoers suffer from predictability and know every move about to be thrown at them if they have seen any of the “Paranormal Activity” movies.

Allison Miller and Zach Gilford’s performances were the two saving graces as a newlywed couple, recording every new moment as a family whose lives take a terrifying turn for the unholy.  On the last night of their honeymoon, Samantha (Miller) and Zach McCall’s (Gilford) camera finds them unconscious with Samantha in the center of a cult séance. When they return home, Samantha is pregnant and Zach is the happiest and best husband in the world. You won’t care if the teenage girls next to you are talking because you know that apocalyptic baby isn’t his.

I can’t say that everything about “Devil’s Due” is not enjoyable, but it’s definitely disappointing to see directors Matt Bettinell-Oplin and Tyler Fillet (V/H/S) take on a script that’s lacking. As a fan of both “Rosemary’s Baby” and the found footage subgenre, I believe the pointless character development would have been better as a 20-minute short film.