USI needs more summer classes

Brenna Wu

When students register for classes, a good majority do not want to exceed on hours with part-time jobs, extracurricular activities and whatever else the student may have going on in his or her life.

Those students take on about a 15- or 16-hour course load during the fall or spring semesters.

An option that I have chosen to take is summer classes. There are great benefits towards taking summer classes. For example, it allows students to knock out  core classes or major courses that one may not want to take during the regular school session.

There are three summer sessions. The first starts May 14 with the last session ending around Aug.15, so if a student were to take summer classes, the entire summer would be composed of studying.

I started going through the class list for each of the summer sessions. For example, one of the biology classes that I needed was only offered during the first two sessions of the summer, but I really needed to take it during the third session due to an issue with scheduling.

I believe  if students were to know more summer classes were offered – therefore decreasing time during the regular school session – the number of students would definitely increase. Unfortunately, some professors prefer to lecture only in the fall and spring rather than the whole year.

USI should definitely look into having more professors teach in the summer, maybe people who would like a summer job doing something they always wanted to do, teach students. As USI expands, I hope  leaders around the campus look for ways to include more classes in the summer.

This option allows students to finish early as well as offering students who may live in Evansville to take classes to transfer over to their university. Summer classes do not meet the entire day, so students would still have plenty of time to sit in the sun while hanging out with friends.