Q&A with Lauren DeShaney

Dennis Marshall

Lauren DeShaney, a two-time Academic All-GLVC recipient, not only finds success in the classroom but also on the volleyball court. The junior kinesiology major from Appleton,Wis., hopes for a deep run into the postseason.

Q-How did the regular season go?

A-We had an awesome season. We went 15-3 in conference and 24-8 overall, having 5 players receive GLVC All Conference Awards and Coach Mercer getting the Coach of the Year.


Q-How did you become such a great volleyball player?

A-My dad taught me ever since I can remember, and he coached me through middle and high school. It takes practice and dedication to play a competitive sport for 12 years.


Q-What is your favorite part about volleyball?

A-It’s hard to pick a favorite part… but my favorite part is getting kills at critical points during a game.


Q-What is the best memory from this season?

A-The best memory from season was beating Lewis on their home court during conference. We stopped their home winning streak and had control of the game the entire time.


Q-Why did you choose it over other sports?

A-It was the first sport I played, and the only sport I looked forward to practicing.


Q-What made you want to come to USI?

A-When I came on my visit, I really liked how new the campus was and how big the dorms were. And being from Wisconsin, Indiana was a lot warmer throughout the year.


Q-What are your plans after college?

A-I’m applying to physical therapy graduate schools in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota.


Q-Did the team live up to your expectations this season? Why or why not?

A-Our team had high expectations from everyone because we had many experienced players returning. We didn’t make it as far in the conference tournament as we would have liked, but we have been very successful this year.


Q-Who is someone you looked up to or try to model your game after?

A-There was a girl from my high school, Nicole Brown, who went on to play at Drake University. I always looked up to her because she was determined, enthusiastic and an awesome leader on the court.


Q-Once you graduate, what are you going to miss most about USI?

A-I will miss playing with my team because having a team is having 12 best friends around you almost every day.


Q-Tell me something strange about yourself?

A-I have clubbed thumbs, the same as Megan Fox.


Q-What do you like to do in your spare time?

A-I watch Netflix, listen to Christmas music starting in October, and spend hours on Pinterest.


Q-What are some of your hobbies?

A-Volleyball is the only hobby I have time for these days.


Q-What is your favorite sport?

A-Volleyball has always been my favorite and always will be my favorite. But I love watching basketball and football.


The Shield: What do you want your legacy to be at USI? How do you want to be remembered?

A-I want to be remembered as the girl from Wisconsin who played for her team, not for herself.