TXTBookRental reopens its doors

Caleb Riley

Students who preferred TXTBookRental to USI’s Campus Store are in luck.

The West Side store reopened its doors Monday.

When a deal went through at the beginning of the year, then-owner Alex Beaver decided to close up shop and sell it with the expectation that the new owner would do as they wished, and liquidate all of the books.

Ethan Michael swept in and bought the building at the last minute.

Manager Will Bader stayed with the store.

“Nothing has really changed in the store, but we are planning to make changes starting next semester,” Bader said. “We want to try and make the process of renting more streamlined and get books out to more people who need them.”

Previous customers have been receiving emails about the reopening.

Junior business administration major Mariam Hope plans to utilize the store again.

“It’s relatively cheaper and closer,” Hope said. “That’s the advantage of going.”

She shopped TXTBookRental every semester, except this one. She said she saves about $300 by doing so.

However, she is concerned about the state of the store because of the closure.

“They closed all of the sudden before,” she said.

Bader said they plan to do more advertising once they get completely up and running next semester.

He said there was a decent resurgence of customers Monday, even though the store isn’t completely back on its feet yet. They expect more customers to show up after final exams to sell items and gather books for next semester.

“The fact that we are staffed by students who might be taking the same classes as our customers and are willing to work with our customers to find them what they need is what makes TXTBookRental a good alternative to other vendors,” Bader said. “There is no wait for your book to show up in the mail.”

The original business will remain intact, and there is no foreseeable closure.