USI lacks yearly tradition

Jessie Hellmann

If there’s one thing that can be said is unique about USI, it’s that we don’t have a lot of traditions. Let’s think about it. Indiana University has the Little 5 where college students prep for days by skipping classes and getting drunk, ultimately passing out in a dark street corner on the east side of town. Purdue University has something similar, albeit less popular and kind of lame, in the Purdue Grand Prix.

Ball State University has the bed race: a competition held each year on the Friday before homecoming. Indiana State University owns the Tricycle Derby which first ran in 1963.

What does USI have? One may suggest SpringFest, but consider how inconsistent it’s been in the past few years. In fact, it was canceled last year.

It’s gone from being held in random parking lots with local bands performing, to peaking and getting bands like fun. and Jason Derulo in the PAC.

However, due to funding and administrative issues, it was canceled and replaced with a few foot races last year.


Props to the students and administration who have put forward the effort this year to make sure the students will have some sort of event to look forward to, with the University of Evansville and USI partnering up to hold a concert in the Ford Center. But it won’t be SpringFest. Just a concert. One of USI’s strongest chances at having a yearly tradition like the Little 5 was thrown out the window.

This university doesn’t truly have an annual event it can call its own anymore. As a university that is nearing its 50th birthday, isn’t it about time we grasped on to something and made it our own?