I am a feminist and you should be too

Ariana Beedie

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There is a stigma, even today, about what feminism is and who can or cannot be one.

People think feminists are hairy arm-pitted women,who hate men, and are radicals that are so strict about women’s rights they can’t see straight. This is not the case.

I consider myself a feminist. I don’t stomp around saying “I hate men,” but I do stand up for myself and refuse to be pushed around simply because I have a vagina.

In a recent interview with Time Magazine, Kelly Clarkson proudly stated she isn’t a feminist.

“I think when people hear ‘feminist’ it’s just like, ‘Get out of my way I don’t need anyone,’” she says. “I love that I’m being taken care of, and I have a man that’s an actual leader.”

This is bullsh*t. I mean, I have to ask, does she even care about herself? As a woman that is supposed to represent and be a role model to young girls, I don’t think she is doing a good job. I’m very disappointed.

As a society, we are getting too caught up in the term “feminism.” Instead of looking at the identity as irrational, look at it in terms of women’s rights.

Women are not seen as equals to men in today’s society. In 2013, women are still paid less than men. This isn’t a secret. We are paid less than men, but successful women like Clarkson don’t pay attention to facts like that.

Is the female population asleep? We need to wake up and fight for our rights. The fact that our university had a feminist organization that didn’t receive much student support or recognition is shameful.

As university students, we also need to realize that women aren’t dominating all of the fields. In fact, it’s the opposite. Pay attention to women’s rights issues, such as abortion, civil rights and domestic violence that takes place every day all over the world.

Women aren’t the only people who can be feminists. Behind every great feminist can be a strong man who supports the cause just as much as she does. Men can open their minds to concepts like women being treated less just because of different reproductive organs and help change that disrespectful cycle.

We, as the new power-holding adults, can change how we are treated in the world by simply becoming aware and changing our actions.

A way to remain informed on women and human rights is to pay attention to current events. Every day, human rights are violated, and there’s a way to prevent these issues from recurring.

I am a feminist, and you should be, too. Stand up for your rights before they’re dominated or taken away.

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