The Shield


The great Coca-Cola prohibition of 2013

Jimmy Pyles

October 21, 2013

                It's about to get all 1920s at USI after Sodexo put in place their own version of prohibition by stopping the consumption of multiple free refills, and limiting students to just one refill per cup with new Coke machines and cup sensors....

QBOT, get out of my way!

James Vaughn

April 17, 2013

There’s nothing better than free or discounted food. But there’s also nothing more frustrating than waiting in line for an unnecessary length of time before getting it. I’m a busy guy, so my lunch breaks tend to be pretty brief. Whether it’s class, a meeting or a deadline, I’m usually on-...

‘Get free stuff from dining services’

Shannon Hall

April 17, 2013

With smart phones being a clutch for many college students, a mobile loyalty card may be the thing to do. Sodexo, USI’s dining services, put out the app QBOT toward the end of March. QBOT is a mobile loyalty app for Android and Apple. “It’s been requested – some type of loyalty program, whether it’s...

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