The Shield

Maybe we need to lose our heroes

Osman Bien Aime, Staff Writer

November 29, 2017

Amid the constant torrent of headlines about celebrity scandals, many of us are sitting with our fingers crossed, praying that the lens doesn’t fall on our favorite actors. Please, not Will Smith. The thing about that is, if we are going to progress as a nation, we have to be willing to lose a few o...

Freddy’s not dead

Freddy’s not dead

Megan Thorne

October 28, 2015

Kevin Roach didn’t care much for horror movies until his freshman year of college when, after coming down with the flu, he told a friend to rent every scary movie imaginable. “I used to hate scary movies,” he said. “They were too much for me and they gave me nightmares.” Roach said he ...

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