The Shield


Weird Smells in UC East

Alison Saagar

September 18, 2015

A commuter’s guide to off-campus eating

Gavin Gaddis

September 8, 2015

Hello reader, it’s me, your local neighborhood sassy dude. Food on campus is a hot topic for USI students, served up with a heaping slice of skepticism towards change and simultaneous childish clamor for even more change. Food has been mentioned in every issue of The Shield this semester, and I’...

USI relishes clean campus

Paola Marizan

April 22, 2014

Chelsie Ours thinks USI's campus is clean, but said she would like to see more student involvement. "I know USI has different programs, but maybe if they gave organizations more incentives for students to get involved and more notice that would be helpful," she said. "It would give students more pride...

Bill could prohibit universities from banning firearms

Jessie Hellmann

January 13, 2014

Guns on university campuses and other state-owned properties, like courthouses and government buildings, could soon be a reality if a bill sitting in the Indiana House of Representatives passes. House Bill 1018, authored by Rep. Jim Lucas (R-69), would prohibit state agencies, including state-supported...

INSIDE: Traffic and Parking Regulations

James Vaughn

December 11, 2013

Evan Ouellette prefers walking to driving because he lives on campus. He makes his way from student housing to main campus every day, utilizing the crosswalks on University Boulevard – a walk that, at times, has been dangerous. He remembers when he was almost hit by a car on the crosswalk connecting...

Campus closes due to winter storm

James Vaughn

December 6, 2013

Students, faculty and staff woke up to a RAVE Alert early Friday morning: “Due to hazardous weather conditions, the USI campus is closed Friday 12/6/13. All classes are cancelled; only essential personnel should report for duty.” Director of Public Safety Stephen Woodall said “essential personnel”...

Parking remains an issue on campus

Brenna Wu

September 24, 2013

At USI, one of the first things the Public Safety Office tells students about is the plethora of parking spots on campus, even though it may not be where the student prefers. Yet, how many of us in the morning or in the afternoon drive down lane after lane searching for a parking spot? The lanes...

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