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Armon Siadat

Feb 04, 2016
‘Anti’: different sound, same game (Story)
Jan 27, 2016
DOSO reveals spike in sexual assault reports (Story)
Jan 21, 2016
Southern Indiana under winter storm warning (Story)
Jan 21, 2016
Supporting actress outshines star in ‘The Danish Girl’ (Story)
Jan 19, 2016
SGA seeks wet-campus, better programming (Story)
Jan 13, 2016
Hips & Salsa (Story)
Dec 07, 2015
‘Radical’ preachers call for repentance (Story)
Nov 11, 2015
‘The carrot and the stick’ (Story)
Oct 28, 2015
Hunt sculpture portrays ‘past,’ ‘future’ (Story)
Apr 22, 2015
Second is best in my eyes (Story)
Apr 13, 2015
University green lights rape talk: Famous vlogger to hold conversation with public Tuesday (Story)
Mar 31, 2015
Students, faculty protest Indiana’s religious freedom law (Story)
Mar 18, 2015
Kendrick raises Lam-bar (Story)
Mar 04, 2015
Performance-based funding should attract students (Story)
Feb 12, 2015
USI: Uncommon, Seldom, Isolated (Story)
Feb 04, 2015
Crime log should be more transparent (Story)
Jan 28, 2015
Library builds new study rooms: Necessary for some (Story)
Jan 20, 2015
The best is yet to come (Story)
Jan 14, 2015
How early is too early?: Early Alert program doesn’t benefit students (Story)
Dec 03, 2014
Racism: A side effect, not a cause of Ferguson shooting (Story)
Dec 03, 2014
A life cut short: Friends remember shy girl with big heart (Story)
Nov 19, 2014
Snow one expected that (Story)
Nov 14, 2014
QUIZ: How well do you know the words to the USI fight song? (Story)
Nov 10, 2014
GALLERY: USI Dance Marathon 2014 by the minute (Story)
Nov 05, 2014
This place is your home (Story)
Oct 29, 2014
Meet the candidates: State Representatives (Story)
Oct 25, 2014
‘It’s important that young people play a more active role’: Mail-in ballot application period ends Monday (Story)
Oct 22, 2014
Counseling Center down another counselor: Director wants Center accredited in next five years (Story)
Oct 22, 2014
Admissions experience sets new VP apart (Story)
Oct 15, 2014
American Horror Story: Freak Show: “Monsters Among Us” (Story)
Oct 15, 2014
“Gone Girl” (Story)
Oct 15, 2014
Zombie makeup gives 5K participants run for their money (Story)
Oct 15, 2014
Fire investigation ‘pretty much’ complete, cause undetermined (Story)
Oct 08, 2014
Annual report highlights drop in forcible sex offenses (Story)
Oct 01, 2014
Fewer phases means fewer spaces (Story)
Oct 01, 2014
Eagles to Blue Jays: Former players sign contracts with same organization (Story)
Sep 23, 2014
Fire displaces students, investigation continues (Story)
Sep 17, 2014
DoubleMap leaves students un-appy (Story)
Sep 12, 2014
Readers, staff remember September 11, 2001 (Story)
Sep 05, 2014
POLL: The Eagle Examiner (Story)
Aug 29, 2014
POLL: The Eagle Examiner (Story)
Aug 27, 2014
Welcome Week’s only sort-of fun for freshmen (Story)
Aug 25, 2014
POLL: The Eagle Examiner (Story)
Aug 20, 2014
Ice Bucket Challenge needs to cool down (Story)
Apr 28, 2014
Summer job market heats up as students head home (Story)
Apr 27, 2014
Community rallies, says racism still exists (Story)
Apr 22, 2014
Easter isn’t a secular holiday (Story)
Apr 04, 2014
4/3/14 (Story)
Apr 01, 2014
‘You are not alone’: Students become allies at annual Safe Zone training (Story)
Mar 25, 2014
New core will make students less rounded (Story)
Feb 26, 2014
Opposites don’t attract (Story)
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