The Shield

New hope for R.E.M.

Dani Palmer

April 4, 2011

If a band records one of my favorite albums at any point in their career, I will defend them no matter how bad their new record may be. Weezer’s latest album may contain one of the worst songs ever released in the history of recorded music, but, hey, they recorded “The Blue Album” and “Pinkerton,” so...

Performances resurrect philandering English king

Danielle Norris

March 21, 2011

Before this, I thought family reunions could get a little heated. Turns out my family’s got nothing on Henry XI, king of England, his estranged and imprisoned wife Eleanor and their three sons, John, Geoffrey and Richard, better known as Richard the Lion Heart. The whole twisted story is told in James...

'Killzone 3' vs. 'Bulletstorm'

Dani Palmer

March 1, 2011

With the multitude of games coming out in 2011, which ones are really worth buying? With the recent release of "Killzone 3" and "Bulletstorm," are these games really worth your time and money? Read More »...

Give ‘The Last Airbender’ a chance

Justin Law

November 18, 2010

Oh boy. I am going to get it for this one. Few movies in the past couple of years have received such universal disdain as the live-action adaptation of “The Last Airbender.” According to the website, Rotten Tomatoes, only 6 percent of film critics gave the movie a positive, or “fresh,” review. That’s...

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