University stance on HJR-6: Step up

Bobby Shipman

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USI’s decision to remain silent about their stance on House Joint Resolution 6 (HJR-6) is anything but neutral.

The university may not want to associate an entire student body under one political stance because of its diverse faculty and staff. This argument, however, is commendable if you are debating the pros and cons of a new football stadium, but not when prejudice and inequality are at play.

If passed, HJR-6 could ban legal recognition of unmarried partnerships; gay or straight, domestic partnerships and civil unions alike.

It would write discrimination into Indiana’s constitution.

If USI fails to take part in stopping this injustice, it might as well slap on a pair of hypothetical roller skates.

Several businesses and universities provide benefits to unwed partners, such as insurance coverage.

Taking away  a businesses’s right to provide its employee with benefits of its choosing is unethical.

Indiana already doesn’t allow same-sex marriage, what need is there to kick an entire group of people while they are down?

HJR-6 alienates couples who are simply looking to lead normal lives and receive the same benefits a straight married couple would.

USI’s strategic plan specifically states that it looks to increase diversity of students, faculty and staff.

By ignoring an amendment that could hinder a diverse demographic, USI is alienating its diversity and chasing away potential recruits.

Students might be thinking that there is no way HJR-6 could ever happen, but it’s here and it’s real.

Times are changing and 14 states have legalized gay marriage, but there are still 27 states that have gay marriage bans by state law and constitutional amendment.

Indiana’s ban only exists through state law.

If we stay silent about HJR-6, we would be aiding the decline of human rights.