Players emulate favorite athletes

Dennis Marshall

When Cayla Herbst was a child she didn’t know she would be a college basketball player one day, but one of her Halloween costumes may have revealed a bit of foreshadowing.

“When I was little, I dressed as Michael Jordan for Halloween. My dad bought me the Bulls jumpsuit and I thought it was really cool,” Herbst said. “It was during the 90s, and that’s when they were winning all their championships. Growing up in Chicago you heard a lot of about it. It was all over the place. I thought it was really cool to be like him.”

Much like Jordan, Herbst blossomed into a defensive force on the basketball court. She had the third most blocks in the Greater Lakes Valley Conference last season and has the twelfth most in a career at USI entering her junior season.

But before Herbst was counting her blocks for the Eagles, she was counting her candy.

“My favorite part about Halloween was definitely the candy,” Herbst said “When I younger, I would spread it all out and count it to see how many pieces I could get.”

USI men’s basketball player Evan Brinkmeyer said he went trick-or-treating quite a few times in sports-themed costumes.

“One I remember most is going as Randy Moss. I’ve been a Vikings fan my whole life, and Randy Moss was my favorite player,” Brinkmeyer said. “I (was) probably seven or eight years old at the time, and he was best player on the Vikings, so he just became my favorite player.”

He said he remembers one of the houses in his neighborhood that would give out king-size candy bars.

“That was always my favorite house to go to because you got a huge candy bar,” Brinkmeyer said. “Most other houses just have the little fun size candy bars.”

But Brinkmeyer also said it wasn’t just about the candy.

“It was just getting out in the neighborhood and going trick-or-treating,” he said. “Seeing all the lights and that stuff was great. Obviously getting a lot of candy was nice, but it was a good time to spend with friends and family.”