Brunch buffets possibly eliminated

James Vaughn

Students who attend weekend brunch at The Loft may soon reconsider their choice, as the only remaining buffet could become a thing of the past.

Nick Mathis, chair of the Food Services Committee through the Student Government Association (SGA), said he learned that weekend brunch would no longer be a buffet but a la carte instead in an Oct. 1 meeting with managers in Food Services and other committee members. SGA College of Liberal Arts Representative Joe Giannini, who was also in the Oct. 1 meeting, confirmed that the Food Services managers said that weekend brunch would become a la carte.


Mathis made the announcement to the SGA General Assembly at an Oct. 4 meeting. Mathis said the decision came from their side because of the amount of thefts occurring.


It’s not financially responsible for brunch to be all-you-can-eat anymore, he said.

“They’re independent and they make their own business decisions on a lot of stuff,” Mathis said. “We just try to collaborate with them on student issues and offer suggestions when asked.”

The committee agrees with them, so there is nothing they can do about it, he said.

“The students who have been stealing pretty much messed it up for everyone else,” he said.

He said a timeline was not mentioned at the meeting so he does not know when the buffet will be eliminated.

Food Services Operations Manager Rebecca Robb refused to comment.

Food Services General Manager Chris Briggs said nothing has been confirmed, but the topic was opened for discussion. He wanted to hear SGA’s opinions about it. He agreed that the source of the problem is thefts.

“Used to, students had to swipe their card before they went in. Now, they are getting all the food they want and feeding like five people and that’s not okay,” Briggs said.

They plan to discuss it further at the next meeting, he said. Sophomore criminal justice major Evan Ouellette said he eats brunch at The Loft every weekend.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Ouellette said. “They already took away buffet-style dinners and breakfast during the week, and I know plenty of people, including myself, who did not like that.”

He probably won’t go as often if they go through with it, he said. As soon as he’s out of loft meals, he’s not going to spend munch money on it – it’s too expensive, he said.

“I think it’s messed up,” Ouellette said. “It’s a shame on those few people who may have ruined a good buffet for the rest of us.”