Who-to-follow USI

Jessie Hellmann

I spend the majority of my life on social media, and there are a few USI related Twitter and Facebook accounts I choose to follow. These are in no particular order.


As you can tell by the Twitter handle, this is not the real Twitter account of men’s basketball coach Rodney Watson. This account offers a few laughs and helps bring out the school spirit in the average apathetic student on game day.

My favorite tweet: “Good to see #deltazeta is here for homecoming and taking the good seats. Where the hell have you been for the other 15 home games?#one&done”




Fake USI News offers a few laughs throughout the normally mundane school day by tweeting fake headlines about situations USI students sometimes find themselves in. I have a love/hate relationship with this account, but I must give credit where it is due. When they’re not tweeting disrespectful comments about The Shield and making rape jokes, they’re funny 65 percent of the time. I just know they’re going to make a smart-ass tweet about this.

My favorite tweet: “BREAKING: Friends who hadn’t seen each other in two hours have heartfelt reunion in middle of busy hallway.”



RedZone is the fan block for USI athletics. It doesn’t make jokes or make fun of people, but does keep its followers up to date on USI athletics score and reminds students of game times. 

My favorite tweet: N/A


USI memes


This page was created last week following the trend of college memes pages. Currently, there are only 390 followers, so a lot of USI students are missing out. The page pokes fun at the everyday things and people the average USI student gets sick of. When people aren’t arguing about what constitutes as a meme, it can be funny. I frequently check this page out during class.

Favorite meme: “Not sure if tech building or bomb shelter.”


@usishield and The Shield at USI on Facebook.

Yes, this is some shameless self-promotion. We are always asking questions on our Twitter and Facebook accounts because we want to hear your opinion! Even if it’s to tell us how much we suck. It gives me hope that you all have opinions, which I sometimes doubt.