Relate: The power struggle

Justin Law

We have all heard the saying “Who wears the pants in a relationship?”

Generally, most people would say it was the man, but women can rule the territory too. If a relationship is a mature one with mutual respect, then control over the relationship should not be a factor. But for couples that are new at the game, there may be trouble in paradise.

Men will do anything to impress a lady. Whether it be with his looks, where he takes her on a date or the nice things he buys her.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some ladies see these attributes as a sign of weakness and they take full advantage of the situation.

Women get excited about these nice things, but they always find something to be unhappy about. For example, a girl’s boyfriend says hi to another girl. She will now find a way to turn it into a huge problem.

Naturally, the boyfriend gives in and takes all the blame because he knows that is the best and only choice he can make.

The ball is now in the woman’s court and she is playing the game full throttle. No worries gentlemen, you will get the ball back where it belongs in no time.  Both partners in the relationship need to understand that an equal amount of attention and gift giving needs to be given. If one person is doing all the work, then what are they truly doing in the relationship? No one wants to look back on a relationship and think about how controlling they were. Or how well they took advantage of their partner.

Besides, if only one person is wearing the pants, who controls the zipper? Think about it.