University to build Apple Store on campus

Jessie Hellmann

Apple fans will rejoice that an Apple reseller is finally being built in Evansville on the USI campus.

Vice President for Business Affairs Mark Rozewski said after a long year of discussion between the university and Apple, an Apple reseller store will be built in the USI Bookstore.

“What you’re getting is the convenience of getting to take it home with you right away instead of ordering it online and waiting for it,” he said.

While Bookstore Director Mike Goelzhauser said the university still has to go through an application process with Apple, Rozewski said he is positive the school will be approved.

“We are definitely getting (the store); that’s just a formality,” Rozewski said.

Apple is an American company that designs and sells electronics like their iPhones, IPads and MacBook pros.

The USI Apple reseller will sell products like iPads, iPods and Macbooks, but not iPhones, Rozewski said.

Rozewski said last year USI students purchased $700,000 worth of products from Apple.

“It would just be better for everyone if we had (an Apple store) here,” he said.

Some of the products will be sold with an Apple student discount. So, a Macbook Pro 13 inch 2.5 Ghz, which is originally $1,119, will cost $100 a less at $1,019. Some iPad products will come with gift cards.

Some students are unsure about whether the Apple Store is a good idea or not.

“I think it’s handy if you need an Apple product, but Apple tends to be expensive, and the Bookstore tends to be expensive anyway,” said Senior English Major Lindsey Litteken.  “It’s a nice thought, but it may not work out.”

Litteken is on her second PC computer she has bought in college. Her first one broke down during finals week last year.

Theatre Major Lydia Abell said she thinks it’s a good idea.

“It’s a good idea because young people really like (Macs),” she said. “It’s removing the middle-man. I want my mom to get me a Mac for Christmas.”

Freshman Bio Chemistry Major Tate Tillner said he doesn’t like Apple products, so he won’t be purchasing items from the store.

“If they sold PCs, I would still go to Amazon or something because it’s a lot cheaper,” he said. “The bookstore is just convenient.”

USI joins other state universities like Indiana University and Ball State University that sell Apple Products.