University loses $1 million on discounted summer classes

Jessie Hellmann

Summer school tuition could increase this summer for USI students after the university’s plan backfired.

In the spring, the University Board of Trustees announced it would give a 20 percent discount for summer classes, but the university lost $1 million in revenue because enrollment did not increase.

“Enrollment did not pick up… That really impacted the amount of revenue that was coming in, so that played a large role,” said Mark Bernhard, associate provost for Outreach and Engagement.

The discount may not continue next summer because of the loss.


“Because the discount didn’t positively impact enrollment, that would be something we’re likely not see for next summer, but that has not been decided yet,” he said.

Bernhard said the change of the university’s summer schedule from 5-week class courses to classes with varying lengths could have led to the loss of money, too.

“The initial intent of it was to see a peak in enrollment, but we’ve seen the opposite,” he said.

Some USI students said they will not take summer classes at USI because it is costly.

Jordan Niemeier, sophomore political science and history double major, said she took a summer class this summer but does not plan to take any more because of the hefty price tag.

“I liked the class; I just didn’t like the fact that it was about $600 for one class,” she said. “Next year, I’m probably going to either take summer classes online or take classes at Ivy Tech.”

Nursing major Kayla Mason said although she is unpleased with the costs of summer classes at USI, she has no choice but to take them to ease her fall and spring course load.

She said since Pell Grant funding has been cut for summer terms, she had to take out a subsidized loan and an unsubsidized loan this summer.

“I will be trying to save some money from my fall and spring refund checks so I only have to take out a subsidized (loan next summer),” she said. ”I’m in the process of switching my major to sonography which I’m pretty sure requires me to take summer terms. I don’t have much of a choice.”

Business administration major Andrea Dickinson said she will take summer classes at Ivy Tech Community College this summer after taking a rather expensive Math 111 course at USI.

“The price was $725 with fees, which is pretty ridiculous considering my tuition for five classes and fees this semester is only $2,600,” she said. “I’m definitely going through Ivy Tech next summer, no doubt.”