Fraternity recruitment

James Vaughn

Students interested in joining a fraternity or finding out what Greek Life is like at USI will have the opportunity during fraternity recruitment Aug. 26-30.

Program Advisor for Fraternity and Sorority Life, David Stetter, hopes the increase in promotional efforts this year will pay off.

“I anticipate an increase of men participating, which I hope will equate to more men joining,” he said.

Incoming freshman Zach Harris plans to join a fraternity. He learned about Greek Life when he attended Camp Eagle in June.

“The events that each chapter hosts tend to vary,” he said. “I have several friends in different fraternities, and they all seem unique. I’m going to check them all out before I make a decision.”

Harris compared his ideal fraternity to his high school football team.

“We were more than teammates; we were brothers,” he said. “You’re there for your brothers, and your brothers are there for you, no matter what.”

Sigma Tau Gamma President Jacob Western cares about how well potential brothers did academically in high school and how well they will do at the college level.

“We look for men who have proven that they are able to maintain good grades while also being a part of something bigger than themselves,” Western said.

Community involvement is another big factor in Sigma Tau Gamma’s search for new members.

“We also look for men who have been involved in philanthropic organizations,” Western said. “We want men who are ready to be a part of an organization (whose) main focus is to better the community while we better ourselves as individuals.”

Western said that Sigma Tau Gamma was founded on three simple ideas: manhood, brotherhood and citizenship.

“We’re looking for men who share the same core values as we do,” Western said. “The principles that we look for are value, learning, leadership, excellence, benefit and integrity.”

Western said that every fraternity is looking for the best men that they can find – men who are going to positively impact their fraternity as a whole.

“Sigma Tau Gamma is a diversified chapter and we continuously look for diversity in our recruitment,” Western said.

Bid night will be held Aug. 30 on the steps of Rice Library.