Meet your SGA representatives

Jessie Hellmann

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Liberal arts representative:

Travis Dickison: Political Science major 

 Previous SGA experience- Involved 2011-2012 as Liberal Arts Rep

Goals: Better transportation on campus between housing and campus

Could include faster shuttle times and a bike share program where students can pick up bikes at certain checkpoints on campus.


Pott College Representative:

Elizabeth Daake: biology with a pre-med emphasis

Previous SGA Experience- involved 2011- 2012 as Constructive member at large

Pott College representative

Goals: Make professors more accessible. Increase connectivity through facebook for different classes and contact with professors. Get freshmen better involced with the college.



Sarah Krampe: Marketing major

Previous SGA experience- External affair AVP, Housing Representative, Business Rep

Goals: Increase communication with students. Reconstructing town halls so more students attend. Fill as many SGA positions as possible. Give more student groups more money for event hosting, new student organizations and travel. Make advising more effective.


Chief financial Officer

Donald McGrath: Accounting major

Previous SGA experience: Housing member at large

Goals: Create more balanced SGA budget, and make sure all money is allocated to where it most needed to make most impact on students. Make sure travel grant money goes to students who will bring back most to USI. Give out grants to new clubs.


Housing representative:

Alex Mosely: biochemistry major

Help voice opinions of students that live on campus. Increase budget to remodel apartments. Keep the cost of on campus housing at a constant rate. Make housing costs reasonable for students.

Fraternity member

Kyle Courtney: Pre Occupational therapy

Previous SGA experience: none

Goals: Communicate between the interfraternity council and SGA. Effectively communicate SGA plans to the IFC so the whole Greek community will be up to date. Overall improve communication between the two groups.


Liberal Arts representative: 

Adam  Simmons: Public Relations and Advertising

Make connections with student government’s at other schools.


University Relations:

Ben Hirschauer: Criminal justice

Previous SGA experience: none

Goals: Promote RedZone to the student body. Show current and incoming students how well teams have done in the past year, and makes games more interative for students. Encourage students to show support for other teams that go unrecognized by students.

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