Hip-Hop artist to headline SpringFest

Jessie Hellmann

Mike Posner is cool enough for USI.

The SpringFest Committee tentatively selected Posner, a hip-hop artist with songs like “Cooler Than Me” and “Bow Chicka Wow Wow,” to perform at the 10th SpringFest April 14.

The contract with Posner is still being worked on, Buecher said.

The committee made offers to Colby Caillat and Taking Back Sunday, but both were unavailable.

Karmin, a pop music duo, may open for Posner, paid for by a donation from the Activities Programming Board, Buecher said.

The booking agency the committee is working with is in the process of checking with Karmin for availability, Buecher said.

“If they are (available), then we’re going to try and bring them here on Saturday night,” he said.

Posner may bring an act to open for him as well.

This years SpringFest brings some changes. In the past, there would be two nights, with two artists performing each night. This year there may only be one night, Buecher said.

A carnival will be at campus, too. In the past, the carnival has been in Parking Lot K and L, but the committee wants to bring it to the front lawn of the Physical Activities Center, or the back of Parking Lot C closer to the tennis courts.

Freshman nursing major Angel Strader is excited to see Mike Posner at SpringFest because she saw him perform in Terre Haute, her hometown, she said.

“I like how he pulls people up on stage for ‘Bow Chica Wow Wow,’” Strader said.

Her sister, junior Junenna Helt, attended SpringFest before, which got Strader more excited to attend. Strader’s favorite Posner songs are “Drug Dealer Girl,” “Gone in September” and “Cheated.”

If there were going to be a second artist to perform, Strader said she’d prefer Wiz Khalifia or Luke Bryan.

Freshman Jeremiah Kinnett said he is not a Posner fan.

“But, as a musician, I can respect him as an artist,” Kinnett said. “I just feel like the student votes went to waste.”

Snoop Dog, Ludacris and New Found Glory were his votes, he said.

He does not believe Mike Posner was in the top five student picks, Kinnett said.

“The school claims that the most votes for artists were prebooked or out of budget,” he said. “I don’t understand why they would put someone who they can’t afford on the ballot.”

If all of the top picks were already booked, then the survey should have been distributed sooner, Kinnett said.

“Most students votes went towards artists who weren’t even an option,” he said.