Republican Lloyd Winnecke Q & A

Jessie Hellmann

Evansville native Lloyd Winnecke is the Republican candidate for mayor. He served on the Board of Commissioners starting November of 2008, and served nine years on the Vanderburgh County Council prior to that. Winnecke is the senior vice president and marketing director for Fifth-Third Bank. He has also spent 17 years doing television news.

Why should USI students vote for you?

Because I have the best plan for long term growth for our community.

We want as many USI students as possible to remain in our community after education.  Our jobs program will bring jobs to community.  My overall vision to create better quality of life for USI students who decide to call Evansville home.

Winnecke said he has a jobs plan. One part of his jobs plan is titled “selling the community.” In this part he said he will make monthly visits to companies in Evansville to develop close relationships and to promote technology expansion through an alliance with Crane Naval  War Station. He said this partnership allows for the transfer of military technology to the private sector to create jobs.  He said the second part of his jobs plan is “cutting the red tape.” He said it has become difficult for local businesses to gain the permits they need to run their businesses. He said he wants to help business owners understand what permits are necessary for building and expansion, and how to obtain those permits.

What is your stance on consolidated government?

I’m in favor of consolidated government. Cities who have consolidated government like Indianapolis and Louisville thrive because of it. It seems fundamentally easier to function with one government than two layers of government. It’s more efficient.

The long term effect of (consolidated government) is that we make government more efficient, thereby creating a more attractive landscape to grow jobs.


What is your stance on the city wide smoking ban?

I support a stricter smoking ban. We have to support strides to improve the quality of life. Communities that have strict smoking bans are healthier and have a better quality of life and thrive more.


How are you going to improve the Evansville Mets bus system?

One of the things we have to do is completely evaluate routes and determine what routes need to run and which ones don’t. We need to determine if weekend hours are sufficient.



Political Science assistant professor William Mack said he thinks it’s important for USI students to participate in the mayoral elections.

“A lot of our students are from the area, and from Evansville.” Mack said. “Students underestimate the impact politics have on them. The mayor will make decisions along with the city counsel that involves the students as well as everyone else.