Freshmen can share ideas and have fun at town hall

Dani Palmer

Freshmen angered with the recent rise in housing costs may be able to relieve their frustration a little with inflatable rods in the jousting ring at the Freshman Town Hall.


In addition to a jousting ring, the Student Government Association and Greek Life at USI are sponsoring corn hole tournaments, inflatable obstacle courses, a toga costume contest and free pizza at 5 p.m. March 23 at the Quad.

The purpose of the town hall is not just to provide bored college students with free entertainment, but to gather opinions and concerns from the general freshman population at USI.

“We just want people to get out and interact with other people, and interact with us so we can better campus for them,” said Stephanie Deig, SGA freshman member-at-large.

“If that’s not happening, then we’re not doing our jobs.”

Elizabeth Vollrath, a freshmen dental hygiene major, did not know about the town hall, but said she is unhappy with housing and the parking situations.

“I think the choosing of roommates were kind of sketchy,” she said. “I think I only got placed with one person that I really worked with.”

She said the compatibility questionnaires students are asked to fill out for housing are not really helpful, and it seems like housing places students with their opposites.

She said she also feels unsafe walking around campus at night because of prior incidents that have been reported and will be living off campus next year.

SGA members will pass out surveys during the town hall addressing problems just like Vollrath’s and give students the opportunity to tell USI how they really feel about their first year on campus.

The survey inquires the freshmen’s experiences, positive or negative, regarding parking, residential housing, among other questions.

And for students that would like to bring another issue to the attention of SGA, a comment section is provided as well.

Deig said the purpose of the survey is to get a general idea of how the freshmen population feels about life on campus. All results will be taken seriously by SGA, she said.

“It’s not us just saying ‘Oh, this is great information, thanks for giving it to us,’”she said. “It’s, ‘Now that we know this, we can work harder with other people to make the changes that we need to,’” Deig said.

Deig said she hopes the town hall turnout is big this year so next year’s freshmen will want to attend as well.

“Freshmen are just really important to campus,” she said.

“It’s important that we support them and realize that it’s not easy being a freshmen, and give them some free pizza.”