Get your jobs while you can

Shannon Hall

Have a firm handshake, be on time, listen and show a willingness to learn are a few tips from USI Career Link’s website.

Janet Johnson, assistant director of career services, said students need to look at the tip sheet on their website to prepare for a Career Fair event.

Wednesday USI held the Spring Career Fair, which gave around 300 students and graduates an opportunity to turn resumes or internship applications in to the 65 employers present.

The Career Link Fair is mainly linked with business, science, engineering and liberal art careers.

Director of Career Service Phillip Parker said the health professions and teacher education profession have separate events.

“We promote both [students in college and graduate students] because employers come to the fair seeking to fill internships, part-time jobs and full time jobs,” Johnson said.

“[I’m] just trying to get my name out there and get some resumes submitted to a couple different corporations,” junior engineering major Calen Schroeder said.

He gave out five resumes, some hiring specifically for what Schroeder wants to do in the future.

Most students and graduates treated the event like an interview: they dressed professionally. Johnson said she likes to tell students they cannot be overdressed.

Even though the Career Fair helps students out for future jobs in some instances, corporations have their business advertised, which in turn helps them.

Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center, a center which helps individuals gain independence when they have a mental or physical disability, usually comes every year said Jennifer Phelps, group home staffing coordinator.

“We hire basically entry-level staff that work with clients that have physical or mental disabilities in our group homes or our waver homes,” Phelps said.

Currently Easter Seals Rehab Center has 10 job openings, which is normal for this time of year. The company is very flexible with students or graduates’ schedules; they can hire part-time, full-time or seasonal employees.

Junior Achievement had a table on display at the Career Fair as well. Sophomore public relations and advertising major and intern at Jr. Achievement Paige Papham represented the company.

She found the internship at the Eagle Career Launch, USI’s recruiting and job placement site. Jr. Achievement wants more volunteers in order to have a summer, fall and spring intern availability.

Papham said she is thinking about staying on and helping for experience.

“I write press releases and send them out to the media. It is right up my alley,” Papham said.