Do What You Love And Love What You Do

Jake Tapley

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Should I get a degree in a career that I am passionate about or one that gives me a hefty paycheck?

We have all probably struggled with this question or still are to this day.



Since the economy is not in the best shape, many students are deciding to go to college for something that will always have job opportunities and make them lots of money. It’s never a bad choice to get into a financially stable career, but I feel that some people can get too hooked on the idea of being able to buy whatever they like.

I love shopping, but I also realize that, as humans, we will always want more no matter how much we already have. There will always be new products to try and new styles that come out – it’s never ending.

We have to know when enough is enough. People can get the wrong idea and think someone has to be rich in order to pay the bills, buy necessities, and still be able to afford the things they want.

That isn’t true. We just have to know how to be smart with our money and manage it wisely.

I would rather trust doctors to perform surgery who are knowledgeable and love everything about their jobs than doctors who aren’t passionate and just went to school because they knew they would end up with more money down the road.

I chose to go into something I love – journalism. I would rather wake up each morning and go to a job that I enjoy than go to one that I hate but hands me a good pay check.

We have to find a happy medium. Get into something you know you will enjoy but won’t leave you broke and unable to pay the bills.

I want to be happy with my career – not just happy because I can buy all the latest products. I know that I won’t regret my decision later on in life.

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