Advice to my freshman self

Jessie Hellmann

Seeing the new freshmen walk around campus like they own the place is really bringing back memories. I did that – I know – which is why I can’t criticize them too much. But watching the freshman make mistakes makes me wish I could have had a conversation with my freshman-year self. There are so many things I would have liked to warn her of, but whether I would have actually listened is a different story.

Dear freshman self,


If a guy seems like an asshole that doesn’t act like he respects you, it’s because he is, and he doesn’t.

Don’t come to college with your high school boyfriend who’s going to another school. Those relationships NEVER work out. Going to college in two different cities is a recipe for growing apart.

Also, don’t date him if he wants to be in a band and tour the world, but he can’t sing at all and still lives with his mom.

Spend more time making friends and meeting new people. GET INVOLVED. I know you’re sick of hearing that, but you won’t regret it. What you will regret is if you spend all four (or 6) years of college in your apartment on Facebook and Netflix.

Life is so much easier when you spend less time caring what people think of you.

STOP dying your hair odd colors, and quit piercing holes in your face. Don’t listen to the Internet: Piercings DO leave scars, and they’re pretty obvious.

On another note, don’t take out your piercings or change your hair just because someone wants you to.

Don’t turn down a night out because you’re tired. Drink some caffeine and get your ass out there. You will remember that night you caused havoc with your friends, but not the night you went to sleep at 9.

Be honest no matter what. Telling the truth is so much easier than keeping up with lies.

Love yourself. This seems pretty obvious, but I think you tend to forget to once in a while.

Ask for things you want. How often do you obtain what you don’t ask for?

Everyone else here is just as lost and confused as you are. You are not alone.

Get a math tutor. Retaking math 100 three times isn’t fun.

Quit dating people you work with!

Go to class on time for once.

Don’t ditch your best friend for your boyfriend.

Dance whenever you want to: in parking lots, in your room. It will be really awkward when your roommate’s boyfriend walks in on you, but it happens.

Don’t let some guy get really drunk in your apartment and pass out, because he will puke on everything you own. And everything your roommate owns. She will not be amused.

Stop judging people, and love others more.

Break more rules.

Give big hugs to your family before you go off to college, because they may not be there anymore when you return.

Never forget where you came from.

Don’t not do something because you’re scared – reach high. It will get you far.

Oh yeah. And study or something like that.