'Elton John raised me'

Jessie Hellmann

Elton John raised me.

Just kidding. As much as I would love to be his adopted child, I’m not, but I do remember listening to him often growing up because of my parents’ music.

I love classic rock at heart, and this is something I will never admit to my parents.


Tuesday evening, I had the privilege of seeing Elton John perform at the Ford Centre, and it was phenomenal. My friend and I stood out as the youngest people in the room, and a lot of people drank liquor like it was a 1970’s frat party, but Elton John’s swift fingers moving across the keys were all that mattered. I would say that out of all of the 30,000 people there, 100 of them were my age. It truly saddens me how some of my generation prefers to listen to music about booty thumpin’ than good music with real value and meaning. It seems to me that music has become more about catchy lyrics and melodies than ever before.

I, in no way, think I’m superior to people who listen to Jay  Z or whatever his name is. My best friend frequently listens to the “Step-up” soundtrack, and I still like her most of the time. I just wish more people my age would give older music a chance instead of dismissing it because of how old it is.

I understand music has to evolve, and I don’t expect people to listen to the same music and never branch out for their entire lives. But, bands do exist that have a respectable amount of talent and don’t sing about getting drunk and dealing drugs. I mean, if that’s all you have going on in your life and it’s what makes you happy, sing about whatever you want, but I don’t understand how people can say this type of music is their favorite genre.