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Justin Law

As the President of the Student Government Association I am appalled at the personal attacks on myself and other active members of SGA.  I have poured my heart and soul into this organization over the past four years, many times staying past midnight in the office working.  To receive such unwarranted attacks is unnecessary.

The official, approved minutes from the meeting on April 14, 2011, show Ms. Camille Dorrell move to approve the S.O.S. Grant Resolution.  I know this to be true because as a requirement her position as AVP of Student Activities and Affairs it was her job to bring forth the S.O.S. Grant Resolution.  Mr. Ethan Roark, AVP of External Relations, seconded the motion.  I, Jordan Whitledge, was the one abstention during the vote on the S.O.S. Grant Resolution.  The interview Jessie Hellmann conducted with me has quotes taken out of context to fit her article.

I am Greek but what helped me win the SGA election was pure campaigning.  I spoke to many organizations, Greek and Independent, to gain support.  I put up posters, spoke with students, and worked hard to win the election.  That is the reason I won the election, not simply because he is Greek.

SGA currently has positions open to any students that wish to get involved.  I encourage any student wishing to get involved to fill out an application and take an active role in SGA.  We diligently try to represent all students in everything that we do.  SGA is composed of many different people with different backgrounds, different majors, and different views.

The Student Government has worked to bring students and organizations together to improve campus life while some have tried to divide campus through tawdry attacks.  I challenge The Shield to become what The University of Southern Indiana deserves, which is an honest, reliable student newspaper.


Submitted by:

 Jordan M. Whitledge


Student Government Association

University of Southern Indiana