Give me a different plot, please

Jake Tapley

Predictability is overrated.

I find that, as I have watched many movies in years past, I can kind of see what is going to happen before it actually happens.

Many filmmakers get into the habit of conforming to the Hollywood formula of what is expected in film. Hot chick – check. Violent action scene – check. Underdog gets the girl – check.

Honestly, I have seen it all a million times.

That is why I do backflips for plot twists. I like to be surprised. I am not so much concerned with sex appeal or high-quality explosions or James Cameron’s new movie that has been in the making for 12 years because of its innovative use of new technology and special effects.

What is of utmost concern to me is the storyline. Without a decent plot or fair amount of character development, the whole thing plays out like a kid’s birthday party.

Once everybody leaves, and you tear down all of the decorations, you are left an average room. The vibrant decorations and people are what give the party its life.

In the same way, all of the explosions and sex and overhyped hogwash they throw into movies are what bring in big bucks at the box office.

I applaud the directors that do not focus so much on bringing in big audiences to increase their wealth exponentially. It is true, there are still directors out there that try to bring something new and intriguing to cinema – directors who use their creativity and skill to craft a unique vision.

All hail the unconventional storyline! I feel that society is far too set on happy endings. Everybody needs to come to terms with reality and admit that there is a time and place for a not-so-happy ending.

Maybe we need to be surprised sometimes. I like to be surprised. Most of my favorite movies are ones that shocked, fascinated, or moved me emotionally. I want to see an uprising of these kinds of movies.

Most importantly, I want the general public to want to watch movies that make them think – movies where you have to put the pieces together for yourself.

We have come to a day in age where our nation’s pop culture and multimedia are reflecting a demographic of people who are not challenging themselves mentally and emotionally. I will be praying for a plot twist, for our own sake.