Letter to the editor

Justin Law

What is Occupational Therapy?

I remember when I was a freshman I had no idea what I wanted to do or be.  When I came to USI, I took a little bit of everything. But what exactly did I want to do?  I was stuck.  For me, my first two years at USI were almost miserable because in the back of my head I was constantly thinking about my financial situation.

When I finally stepped back to reevaluate my life and decide my next step, a friend of mine asked me what I thought about occupational therapy. I had never heard of occupational therapy and had to do some research.  Occupational therapy is a brand of therapy that is client centered and gives opportunities for patients to gain independence in everyday life skills that may have been lost due to an accident or never developed due to developmental or environmental factors.  Occupational therapists work with mental health, physical disabilities, the inability to occupy one’s time in a work, rest or play setting, and have a definite role in helping/treating children with sensory processing disorders. Can you imagine not being able to dress yourself, bathe, drive, or go to the bathroom by yourself anymore? OT works on occupations (life skills or purposeful activities that hold significance to an individual) that increase the quality of life for someone.

My interest in OT has introduced me to different populations of people in rehabilitation centers, taken me out of my comfort zone, and improved my communication skills.  I hope this letter raises awareness for students who just might need that one friend to introduce them to what occupational therapy is all about.


Rachael Korte