Point counterpoint: YES-shave November

Jessie Hellmann

I hate No-Shave November. It’s just an excuse for men to be lazy for 30 days straight.

It might be an all right thing to participate in- if you can actually grow a beard, but otherwise you’re just walking around with super trashy facial hair, and no one finds that attractive.

If anything, it freaks me out because I know what’s going on underneath their face skin; tiny little hairs penetrating the skin and protruding out into the real world. The hair should just be hacked off at the slightest hint of exposure. Most men don’t even look good with beards.

Some men won’t shave for the entire month, and you won’t even be able to tell they haven’t.

Some grow disastrous beards that ruin everything in their wake, and others just look homeless.

I’m sorry to say this, but my boyfriend is included in this demographic. When he tries to grow a beard, his face looks like it sprouted pubic hairs. The worst part of the whole ordeal is he refuses to shave it just to bother me. Now, because of No Shave November, he has a semi-legitimate excuse as to why he won’t shave his face. Whenever he kisses me, it feels like tiny daggers are individually stabbing me in the face.

Above all, the one thing that probably bothers me most about the whole No-Shave November fiasco is how much it’s talked about. It gets annoying. I hear about it in class. I see it on facebook. I hear about it in the office, and I don’t care anymore.So, Facebook will be flooded with men documenting their No-Shave November experience, and I will be individually blocking them from my News Feed.

If women did something like this, there would be an outrage. If I decided to ignore a part of my basic hygiene regimen, the people around me would slowly disappear. 

And women that say they are going to participate in No-Shave November: What are you doing? Your’e just looking for attention. It’s November anyway, and I hope most of our campus isn’t slutty enough to wear leg-exposing attire in November. Relax, ladies, there can be one month in the entire year that doesn’t revolve around you. Men, just shave your beards, or creepy pedo-mustaches or whatever you have going on. You’re not animals. Most of the time.