Point counterpoint: wizard vs. Jedi

Ryan Howe

On July 15, I cried. Two hours into the day and I had already produced more tears than I had all year. I was in no way prepared for the sadness that would take over me in the theater as I watched the final installment of Harry Potter.

It was like a large chunk of my childhood ended and I for one was not ready to give up that easily on something I loved so much. So I started re-reading the books, buying new Harry Potter merchandise, having wizard battles with my friends, playing quidditch and  bringing it up in casual conversation to ensure others would not forget about The Boy Who Lived.

During one of my many rants about Hogwarts and spells someone brought up Star Wars and Jedi Knights suggesting they are better than wizards.  At first I was appalled and angered but I gave them a chance to defend their claim. After talking to them about both warriors and their skills I was still not convinced. Let me break it down.

Wizards trains the majority of their life to use a vast amount of magic through different outlets. A wizard’s main outlet is his wand, which allows him to control and focus his magic. Without a wand a wizard’s magic could be dangerous to anyone around him and almost impossible to control. So without the wand a Jedi would easily defeat a wizard.

A wizard armed with his wand, however, would be a much harder opponent to take down. A trained wizard is always armed with multiple spells to stun opponents. Extremist might go as far as killing them, but for the sake of humanity I’m not going to take it quite that far. Wands give the wizard the ability to shoot spells from a distance which is something Jedi would have a problem with since their puny lightsaber that has to be in a close range to harm someone.

So at the beginning of the battle a Wizard would simply need to disarm the Jedi with the simple spell “Expelliarmus.” If that doesn’t work then the Wizard can knock the Jedi out using a stunning spell. Giving the Jedi the benefit of the doubt that they can block spells with their glowing staff the Wizard might have trouble hitting them with one making the Wizard really work for their victory.

If the Jedi gets the advantage and gets within striking distance of the wizard, all he would need to do is apparate to a different part of the battle ground and hit them with a stun spell. Apparation can also be used as the element of surprise.

Of course one cannot battle with a Jedi without encountering the force, which is a less impressive form of magic. So if the Jedi were to resort to a last line of defense a wizard would simply use the protective spell “Protego” and if that is not strong enough throw in a “Maxima” to increase the strength.

Basically the Jedi stand’s no chance against the power that Wizards have. It would ultimately be a frantic game of Duck Hunt as the Jedi jumped around making a fool of himself until the wizard finally hit him with a spell. Of course no one is to know of the wizarding world, so the Wizard would just erase the Jedi’s memories of the battle and perhaps all of his Jedi training with a simple “Obliviate.”