Internet problems freak me out

Shannon Hall

As a 20-year-old college student, I am addicted to the internet. I need it for classes, work and to stay in touch with friends.

On Sunday, I can easily say I was online for a good six hours. Granted, I took that day as an extreme lazy day, but you get the picture.

This past week though, my internet was down for two days. Scary, I know. But really, it concerns me.

I couldn’t look at any the syllabi the professors wanted me to see. My work is all online, and I can’t go to the office in my PJs.

I know we are of advanced technology, and my smart phone would come in handy. But let’s be honest here, I have this huge screen compared to my phone’s screen, and I can’t use it because the internet is moody.

There is a chance it could be my laptop, but I find that difficult to believe when my roommate has the same laptop.

This happened randomly last year as well.

Not only does it freak me out thinking a Trojan is on my computer, but it makes me think USI is being attacked at that moment.

I know we have an ample amount of computers within grasp on campus. But, I will be petty for a moment; I want my music on my laptop. I want to double check facts from previous documents that are on my laptop.

Of course, I can take my laptop with me, but honestly, it can be a hassle.

I came across two interesting blurbs in our student handbook:

The first states all Housing and Residence Life facilities are equipped for internet access.

The second is the policy says we, students, cannot have personal wireless routers making our only choice USI. Or at least that is what I think it says. 

If I am wrong, I apologize, but I couldn’t double-check because my internet wouldn’t work as I wrote this. I swear this is actually happened.

I understand things, especially electronics, do not work all the time. But I feel like it shouldn’t happen as much as it does.

Like I said before, internet is part of my life. We all get frustrated when our cell phones do not work and complain to our providers. I see internet just as important.