Welcome Week Problems

Shannon Hall

As always, the new school year approached and snuck up on students and teachers. And I am now prepared to complain slightly about it.

 As a Shield editor, I had to arrive a week early for training. It was a nice time, seeing people from last year, but the best part was I was able to park very close to the UC area.  As the week progressed, more and more students arrived, which is of course good for our campus. It’s fun seeing the “newbies” seeing their new home for the next two to four years.

 Now here are my complaints.

 I understand moving in early means very select food choices on campus. What surprised me was during “Welcome Week,” which is really a weekend for the most part, how little food students beside freshman have available. Because it is the weekend before school and everyone is moving in, why aren’t the food services open during the regular weekend hours?

 I did not attend much of Welcome Week my freshman year, and I decided it would be good for The Shield to see what is going on.

 Food options were, for what I could see, only for freshman the majority of the time. Red tickets were needed after they checked your name off the list.

 The activities are somewhat entertaining- it is honestly what I thought college life would be all the time. Some activities are, sorry to say, a little childish.

 I will be the first to note that I did not vote or help with any activities, so if I could have voted on something I should have, but I did not. Completely my fault.

 But clowns? Really? I have a strong dislike for clowns anyway, but to see them as part of Welcome Week activities… we aren’t four-years-old. We are adults, yes, some-what immature adults at time, but still…. Clowns?!

 As for the activities for the non-first year students, they were outside. Yes, I am that girl who complains about the heat. It was hot this past weekend though! And lines for food were ridiculously long because everyone wants free food or different food than what they have in the apartments.

First day of school was as I expected: hot. Although, I was surprised how three out of my six classes wanted to be in circles and introduce ourselves. I thought we were in college. I know it is a learning technique, but when will people make a new one for us?

Maybe it will be my next project.