Indiana State Fair

Shannon Hall

Indiana experienced a tragic night on Saturday.

At the Indiana State Fair, a random gust of wind blew the stage over right before Sugarland was about to perform. The freak accident ended up killing five people and injuring at least 40.

Questions are going everywhere of whose fault it may be. Was the rigging setup correctly? Did the state fair organizers respond to the storm fast enough?

My heart goes out to those who are injured and who have been killed by the accident. But I’d like to think it was just that, an accident.

The stage had a gust of wind of 60-70 mph hit it at random. To me, an outside stage should not be able to withstand something of that magnitude.  Spring is the time for storms, not mid-August, but then again this is Indiana, the state of random weather.

According to, the very end of 2010 was just below 50 degrees- in December.

Tornados are known to come up out of nowhere and just happen. So if instead of this gust of wind, we had a tornado would we have questioned the rigging then?

I would hope not.

As for the organizers not telling concert-goers to evacuate, I would just like it to be known that people have brains.

And by that I mean, adults can look in the sky and see a storm approaching. If they thought they were in danger, I hope to God, they would use the thing in their head and decide whether or not they would be safe. I would bet a majority of the audience had smart phones where they can check the storm as well.

According to the Associated Press, concert-goers were warned of an impending storm. A mandatory evacuation was about to be issued within two to three minutes of the announcement, but on the way to make the evacuation announcement, the stage collapsed.

I am not blaming the people who died or who are injured by saying it is their fault. I am just saying they took a chance with their decision to stay.