What the F#©k? SODEXO

Dani Palmer

Want a smoothie, panini or some pizza at 4 p.m.? Sorry, you can’t, because both Cyclone Salads and Pete’s Arena Pizza closes at 2 p.m.

Now I’m not going to talk about how Sodexo’s food choices are over priced, the lack of options and how they are very inefficient in making the food.

Living on a campus with only six places to eat is already bad enough but when two of the options close at 2 p.m., it gets worse.

Hearing about how the university was getting two new food options when the new UC East expansion was completed made the wait all that much more exciting.

Why would Sodexo open a business at 9:30 a.m. then close at 2 p.m.? This does not really make since to me but if you want to lose money to Burger King’s buck doubles, then far be it for me to stop you.

Charging around $7.50 for a drink, chicken strips and two breadsticks at Pete’s, or just a drink and panini at Cyclone Salads, they should be making enough money to stay open 24/7. Hell, that’s even enough to pay minimum wage for just one employee and that’s just one order.

Now, as for Cyclone Salads, they tricked us the first two weeks. They wanted students to try the new options and stayed open until 6 or 7 p.m. I thought it was their original store hours, but as we can see, that is not the case.

Maybe Sodexo should take a couple of business classes with Tim Mahoney on how supply and demand works. I am not denying that Sodexo can effectively run a business, but it’s easy to turn a profit every semester when you’re the only sources for food on campus.

You would think that as long as students live on campus, have money and are hungry, they would stay open.

Guess not.