A risky Republican

Justin Law

I took the biggest risk of my life recently: I told my friends that my family is Republican.

All my friends are Democratic. They were shocked and dismayed. I understand their reactions, but I will not lie- their reactions hurt a little. I am very open-minded about politics. I do not listen to rumors; I want to hear the facts. I make judgments for myself not according to my political status. Politics and religion are two of the most controversial things in society.

People have strong beliefs or opinions about things in life, which everyone has a right. I would like people to listen to others about what they believe or not. I am a Christian, but some Christians try to be perfect and push their religion onto those who do not.

I am not perfect: I cuss, spit, yell, cry and receive bad grades. WOOT! Since coming to college, I have noticed a lot of people do not believe in God. Fine. In “Easy A,” the Christian group seems to be overbearing. I have never met a group like that. It slightly offends me, just because they are Christians does not mean they believe everything the Bible says.  I love “The Da Vinci Code.” I love that there is a possibility of a child descendent of Jesus.

The Bible does not say anything about this. Then again “The Da Vinci Code” is a work of fiction, but the Pope still had a fit with the movie. The Vatican, also, had a problem with “Avatar” last year. The Vatican Radio said “Avatar” promotes too much worship to nature.

I am sorry. That is one of the silliest things I have ever heard.  The Pope criticizes a movie because they worship nature? What about the movies that have all the violence? Why not yell about those?

Pope- try have an open-mind!

They call him the “green pope” for his interest in the environment, but to criticize that movie makes no sense.