Letter to the editor: Student journalists

Justin Law

Dear Editor of The Shield,

I am an international student, and I am here only for one year. I just begun the second semester here.

Today is the first time that I read The Shield. I have no reason why I did not do it earlier.

I am speechless.

I expected to read interesting articles, written correctly by students interested in journalism.

I discover poorly-constructed articles with many mistakes and typos, and some disrespectful language and ideas.

The worst part was in the “Clash of the columnist”, where a woman tries to interpret the action of another woman who did not ask her anything and is accused of being jealous when the writer has absolutely no reason to believe this.

I am wondering who is jealous, the friend with benefits or the so-called journalist?

However, the man does not do better, and reduces the human race to what he proudly considers himself to be: a sex-addict, driven by nothing else than his genitals.

Thank you for this illuminating insight in the life of a rabbit, but would it not be more intelligent to let people live their life without trying to justify himself by stating that everyone is similar to him?

I know it is somewhat exciting and fashionable to state that love does not exist, but in a university newspaper, I think there is space for something else.

Instead of deeply thinking about an issue, researching it (even if the research just consists in interviewing friends) and developing a thesis and argument to write what can be called an article, they just jotted down some ideas, took the extreme points of view and assumed the reader would be satisfied.

Well, I am not.

My English is far from perfect, and I have no experience at all in journalism.

However, I know that those journalists have not spend the amount of time that their article required, and more importantly, have not considered the issues with any righteousness.

Before talking about something, even with humor, one should always consider it in its entirety and not just assume that it is sufficient to claim what one considers to be right – on the surface.

The issue raised by the movie, and the idea of the “Clash of the columnist” made me expect to think hard, to reconsider my position on the matter, to discover an interesting point of view or even a new way of describing things.

Two teenagers have just treated the subject lightly, leaving me unsatisfied, and not the least changing my idea, nor even slightly touching my mind.

I turned the page and would have forgotten the article immediately, had I not seen the little square stating “speak up!”

This applies for other articles as well, and the example is taken just to show how disappointed I am in your journal.

And it somewhat made me consider the article on the University of Louisville in terms of how this issue is shown in this very newspaper, in our very University.


Virginie Heritier


Editor’s note:

This letter has not been altered or edited in any way.