Bad apple spoils the bunch?

Justin Law

Recently, there was an incident on campus where solicitors harassed a young lady while trying to sell magazines. The young woman was an Asian female. The solicitor followed her around, and violated her personal space. His excuse was, “Sorry, I have yellow fever.”

The solicitor claimed that people should have a sense of humor about his derogatory statements, and his behavior should be accepted because they were his selling tactics.

That’s unacceptable!

I wouldn’t say I question my safety, but I would question the types of people security just let slip by.

I can’t believe someone would be so ignorant to approach anyone in that manner.

USI is an international school, and I know administrators want to maintain a good name. Acts like these could possibly ruin our university’s reputation internationally.

What if that solicitor’s comments were passed on overseas? USI is always trying to maintain cultural diversity and equality, but will we be held back by these events?

I sure hope not.

Issues like these could also make us as students look bad.  Will administration put limitations on our fundraisers because of incidents like this?

Free speech is currently a hot topic on campus. At the moment it’s restricted to an area called the “free speech zone”. We want free speech for everyone, everywhere on campus but ignorant people like this could possibly have an effect on the decision.

I know I wouldn’t stand for any racial intolerance.

It’s 2010, and comments like that aren’t acceptable.

I would hope that my fellow classmates agree with me. I don’t want to be stifled because of violators like them, but I don’t want them to be able to just come here and think they can get over on us because we are college students.