Ginsburg documentary inspirational, full of humanity


After the 2016 election, the political climate of our country is more polarized than ever.

It seems as if the divide will only grow more. Yet, there is a champion all can believe in.

Her name is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ruth Bader Ginsburg or “RBG” is the second woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court. CNN recently documented her life in “RBG.” In this film, one sees the life and work of Ginsburg and how she came to be an icon of women’s rights.

It first starts with her humble beginnings as a child of immigrant parents. Neither of them had the opportunity to receive education, but they both valued it. They instilled Ginsburg with the motivation to attend college and make a better life for herself.

Her mother was her biggest supporter and critic.

She lectured Ginsburg on the importance of being a lady and never letting her anger show. Her mother possessed an inner strength that she passed down to Ginsburg, but she sadly passed away from cancer one day before she had the chance to see her daughter achieve all she could not.

This loss of her mother still affects her, and she continues to follow the lessons her mother had given her.

This inner strength is what the film builds itself on by emphasizing how she overcame every obstacle in her way.

Whether it was the sex discrimination in law school or overcoming cancer twice, she always came out as a winner and continues to today. This can be observed by the reputation she has built as a Supreme Court Judge and as a lawyer. Ginsburg has brought six cases to the Supreme Court and has only lost one. Her skill as an orator and her level head brings conservatives and liberals together on subjects they would never agree on.

The biopic shows its viewers more than her victories. The film shifts its view to her personal life as a mother and a wife. Her relationship with her husband is one of the focal points of the work.

Martin or “Marty” Ginsburg was an exceptional man who supported his wife in every venture and fought for her to be given the respect and admiration she deserved. Where Ruth was shy about her strengths as a lawyer and as a Federal Candidate for a Circuit Judge, Martin contacted every person that could help her achieve her goals.

I admire the way the film was able to show people both aspects of her life because it can be easy to see her as an icon instead of the person she really is.

The many roles and obstacles Ruth Bader Ginsburg has achieved are revealed and analyzed in a multifaceted way. Her accomplishments could easily be the sole focal point of the film, yet viewers see her humanness and her personality.

Thanks to this film, her continuing legacy as an exceptional human being will never be forgotten. 

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)