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Ask Alex: Excessive Drinking, Procrastination

Alex, Columnist

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Ask Alex

Hey Alex, I think I might drink too much. I don’t think I’m a full-on alcoholic, but it does feel like my drinking gets in my way of enjoying things to the full extent. I thought that was the point of drinking, though. What do you think, Alex? – Anonymous

The key to answering your question lies in the second sentence of your submission, Anonymous.

You know a behavior of any kind is a problem as soon as it inhibits you from living life normally. If you find yourself missing work, school, social activities or time for yourself and your hobbies, those are obvious indicators of a problem.

I feel like you’re aware of it. Start taking steps towards your personal rehabilitation.

Alcoholics Anonymous has meetings right here in Evansville, and they have something available daily and at many different times. There’s practically no excuse to not be able to make it to at least a few every week.

Get the support of your friends and family, because that compounded with meeting others working to better themselves in the same way helps guarantee your success.

You can do this.

Alex, I find it hard to not procrastinate until it’s really crunch time and the project or paper is due the next day. So far, it’s mostly worked out for me, but I’m dreading the day when this bad habit bites me in the butt. So what should I do? – Average Joe

Joe, did you write this question when you had something more important that needed doing?

That’s a place to start. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.

If you have a calendar on your phone, start inputting when things are due and add in reminders if you really need that extra push.

If it’s a matter of not being able to sit down and focus, turn off the TV, put your phone in do not disturb mode, find a place that’s quiet and get to it.

The library, particularly the fourth floor with its glass cubicles, is a great place with an atmosphere that just oozes with productivity.

Feel free to shoot dirty looks at anyone noisily eating fettuccine alfredo. Don’t let those loud library gourmets impact your work ethic, Joe.

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Ask Alex: Excessive Drinking, Procrastination