The Sideline View: Cheering can be fun too

With the futsal, softball and co-ed softball intramural leagues kicking off this week, it’s time for the students to start supporting them by actually showing up at the games.

No, these aren’t NCAA sanctioned sports or club sports like quidditch, rugby or ultimate frisbee, but why should that stop anyone?

It’s kind of like when I was in the eighth grade and couldn’t play basketball for three weeks because I hurt my back. I was an overweight teenager that shouldn’t have been running full-speed suicide drills like the other, leaner, kids.

One day at practice, the coach left the volleyball net up and we had to duck under it during the drills. I went through fine twice and then, on my third run, I heard a loud pop and then tears started swelling up in my eyes. I did, however, manage to finish the drill.  

Anyway, this relates to my original point because I spent the next three weeks on the sideline rooting for my friends and teammates, not just because I couldn’t physically play, but because I wanted to. I wanted to cheer them on. I wanted them to succeed and I enjoyed myself while doing it because it was fun and then my only worry became how hoarse my voice would be in the morning.

It’s like what Brandon Szachta, (one of the guys that oversees the intramural sports here at USI), the program coordinator of intramural and club sports to be exact, said when asked to describe why intramural sports are important to college campuses.

“In college, you got so many stressful situations,” he said. “Intramurals, for me, are just a way to get away from stressful situations and just have some fun.”

That can also be applied to the fans attending the games, too. If playing the sports relaxes students, then why can’t watching the sports relax students as well?

So go, and even if you’re not into the games enough to need throat lozenges the next day to sooth the fire in your gullet, try and enjoy yourself. Because you don’t have to attend for someone else, maybe you just need somewhere to relax as well.