SGA focuses on membership, budget

With rising membership over the course of the semester, SGA released its  remaining budget for the year, keeping in mind the cost of its new members.

SGA President Ashley Wright said she is pleased with the participation for the 2016-17 SGA.

“There has never been more than (about) 30 people,” she said.

Wright said she was especially pleased with the full University Court, which includes the chief justice and six associate justices.

SGA currently has 53 members with 11 available positions with the maximum number of members being 54

“It doesn’t mean that we can’t add or we can’t take away,” Wright said.

Wright said SGA has worked to solve this problem by combining multiple positions into one.

“Having a full SGA is a really good thing for us to accomplish, but each seat in here is a really expensive seat,” financial officer Aaron McCollough said.

McCollough said members receive polos, T-shirts, name tags, name tents, trips and training procedures, fall retreat, fall banquet, office benefits, which can amount to over $100 in student money for each representative.

SGA’s internal budget is $18,236.20, which includes Officer Development, Office and Administration and Salaries according to SGA’s remaining budget report.

“Adding this many more people could push us into the red and that does definitely start pulling from external money,” he said.

The external budget totals $51,622.43 of which $40,650 is utilized for grants.

There are three types of grants including travel, start-up and Student Organization Support. The Travel grant is the most heavily funded one with $27,150 allocated from the grant total.

McCollough said he wants SGA to be selective with its members and efficiency should be the key, not membership.

“In our constitution and bylaws you can’t write a quality amendment,” he said. “A small delegation can meet the same requirements as a large delegation.”