SGA seeks new Chief Justice

The Student Government Association reviewed applications for a Chief Justice position and tabled resolutions to expand veteran representation.

SGA president Ashley Wright said she received four applications so far for the Chief Justice position.

Nov. 1 is the last day to apply for the position.

Only two members of the university court will vote on the Chief Justice, because one of them is running for the position. The SGA General Assembly has nothing to do with the appointment of the Chief Justice.

“I am normally not in those meeting, but since there are only two people, I have to be there,” Wright said.

Wright said that if any ties were to occur, she would be responsible for breaking the tie.

The former Chief Justice, Dion Taylor, stepped down from the position after he was accepted into the police academy

“He chose the police academy, which is perfectly fine and I’m actually really happy for him,” Wright said.

The Chief Justice is voted based on whether or not they are able to meet the criteria of the Chief Justice, which are listed in the bylaws of SGA.

Some of the qualifications include three semesters of coursework at the university, they must be enrolled in a minimum of six hours, and they must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

It is the duty of the President of SGA to check all the qualifications for the candidates and make sure they are eligible.

Wright said the university court would look for a candidate that the associate justice position would want to work with.

“It just depends mainly on the personality and of course the qualifications,” she said.

Wright said the SGA is required in its bylaws to post applications for the position in several different locations.

“For a paid position, since it is paid, I have several legal obligations I have to do as well,” she said.

She said she is required to post the position on the career services webpage, all organizations on campus through the president’s email the shield, University Video, housing newsletter and for the RA’s, and on myusi.

“I pretty much posted it anywhere I could put it,” she said.

A resolution was also tabled that allows for an expanded representation for student veterans.

“Basically we just want to expand who can represent student veterans,” Attorney General Jerry Boyd. “Currently its only U.S. veterans who are discharged with an honorable condition.”

The eligible representatives will be expanded to spouses, dependents, and USI Reserve Officer’s Training Corps.

There are currently only two positions for Veteran Students Member at Large, one of which is already filled.